BCMS is the world's leading advisor to sellers of privately owned companies

This experience has helped us to develop a unique and comprehensive strategy for taking a company to the market. Time and time again, this strategy has proven the one core truth on which the BCMS methodology is based on - you cannot accurately value a business based on traditional financial methods.

We believe this for one reason - we constantly see a wide range of offers submitted for our clients. The average difference between the lowest and highest offers received is typically 2.5 times.

The only way to achieve this kind of uplift in offers constantly is by following a proven and comprehensive market approach strategy.

Cutting across traditional thinking

The proactive marketing approach, pioneered by BCMS, differs significantly from the passive methodology employed by the majority of M&A advisors.

To achieve the best possible price and acceptable terms you need to be dealing with the most appropriate acquirer. This may seem an obvious statement, but it is the objective of the proactive marketing approach. It is also something a passive approach completely fails to do, unless by luck or coincidence.

It is only after this that the focus needs to shift to the technicalities of the sale.

Negotiations are far easier when you are dealing with the most suitable acquirer.